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Renew is the bimonthly newsletter of NATTA, the Network for Alternative Technology and Technology Assessment.

NATTA was set up in 1976, initially with its base at the Open University. Renew was launched in 1979. Renew, now run independently of the OU, has been widely recognized as a leading source of up to date and reliable information.

Renew covers UK and world news and developments in the area of renewables and sustainable energy - bringing you updates on new wind, wave, tidal, solar, biomass, geothermal, hydro projects and technical breakthroughs. In addition, it offers critical analysis of the policy context in which these new energy supply technologies are emerging and operating. It also looks at energy efficiency, and at the wider debates over energy use and climate change.

The free bimonthly newsletter Renew on Line has up til now been posted on this web site, the last one being ROL112.pdf

But Renew is moving home   

This web site is closing down soon. It will be left for a while with the links running, but it will go off line by the end of the year.

From January 2015 our free bi-monthly Renew on Line will be available for download in PDF format  from our new main site:

It will also be available in Blog format, with fewer graphics, at [Link]

This bimonthy posting will alternate with the shorter Renew Extra focussing on more general energy topics, not specifically related to renewables, which is posted at:

If you can't wait, a trial version of Renew on Line 112 in Blog forrmat is at:

Annual Review Our big free end of year supplement.  
The 2013 annual Renew Review can be downloaded here - its a large (21MB) zip file.
A much less bulky edited text only version  (minus all the graphics. figures, graphs and pictures)  is available here in PDF: Renew 2013.pdf
The 2014 annual review is here, again a quite large 10MB file: Renew2014.pdf
In future the annual review will be available from

Student Renew In parallel we produce an enlarged and enhanced student version of Renew, password protected, for use by students at Universities who subscribe to it. Course leaders wishing to subscribe on behalf of their students should contact us for details of charges. If you have a password then you can get access to the Student Renew here.
In future it will be available at
A free sample back issue is there.  But you will need a new password to get access to the new postings.

Full details of NATTA's offerings are on our new main page

Some links

You may also be interested in these external Blogs produced by Renew's editor Dave Elliott:

Monthly independent Blog:

Back postings of these Blogs are on the respective web sites- you may also have to move forward to the current issue.

You may also want to watch our YouTube video series reviewing current issues. The most recent one is on tidal power and is at: 

Dave Elliott's new IoP book 'Renewables: a review of sustainable energy supply options', draws on material from Renew:

NATTA contacts

NATTA was set up to provide a communication channel for people involved with or interested in renewable energy.
To contact Renew's editor Dave Elliott

We welcome news, articles, commentary, or letters for consideration for publication in Renew. Original photos too.

Dave Elliott still has an OU address: for non NATTA/Renew business. Or try

For day to day NATTA issues and Student Renew subscription/admin, contact Tam Dougan:

Though be warned the NATTA email mail links will not work when the NATTA server goes off line. So use the OU address.


If  you need a simple introduction to what renewable energy is and what it offers - see Introduction to Renewables.

Renew was earlier on produced in PDF format on subscription: we've included a sample, if you want to see what it looked like:

Renew 200, published in Nov 2012, was the last full subscription PDF version of Renew produced. In January 2013 we changed  to a free web-only version available from this site.

There is an Index to back issues of the full Renew, from No. 155  (May-June 2005) onward, accessible as a MS Word file here Index  to Renew 155-200:2012.doc    

We can supply back issues of the full Renew (from 165 onwards, up to 200), for a small charge, as a PDF file emailed to you.

In addition to the full Renew, we also produced a short free Renew On Line (ROL), which was available in MS Word from this site. See sample at Renew On-Line. ROL covered parts of the current issue of the full Renew.  Recent back issues of ROL  (which started as 'ROL 1' at Renew 101) are in the Archive.

All the back issues of the old Renew On-Line, back to issue 1, and up to 188, can also still be reached free via the Open University web site: 

The last of that version of ROL is ROL100.doc

The new free Renew On Line is an ungraded version. It carries on with the previous Renew on Line numbering system. The Student Renew version continues with the old full Renew numbering  (i.e. ROL+100!)
And finally..

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